Top 5 Trades Golden State should pursue with their #2 pick

By Elijah Cooper

Golden State could not have been more happy with the results of the lottery after landing the #2 overall pick in the upcoming 2020 NBA Draft. Just one year after losing KD in free agency, and playing pretty much an entire season without Steph and Klay, the Warriors needed some lottery luck to give them some leverage and building their team back to a championship level. While I do think James Wiseman would be a good fit for this team at the #2 pick, they could use their pick as leverage to get an established player that will help them right away. Here's the top 5 trade options they should pursue with the #2 pick. The trades listed are only considering 2 team trades, eligible to be made given both teams cap situations.

Trade with the Bucks: Andrew Wiggins, #2 overall pick 2020, 2021 first rounder (Min), and a 2022 first round pick for Giannis Antetokoumpo

Hear me out, this is really only an option if the Bucks lose in the secound round of this years playoffs (currently down 2-0 to the Miami Heat). If Giannis becomes frustrated with the Milwuakee Bucks inability to surround him with enough talent, he could demand a trade heading into the final year of his contract. This would force the Bucks to legitimately entertain trade offers for him in fear of losing him for nothing in free agency in 2021. The Bucks would get enough picks back to have a nice start on their rebuilidng process, especially since the 2021 Minnesota pick would likely land very high, giving them a shot at Jalen Green or Cade Cunningham.

Trade with the Sixers: Andrew Wiggins, #2 overall pick in 2020 and an unprotected 2021 first rounder (Min) for Joel Embiid.

Yes, Elton Brand has made it clear already that he's not willing to break up Embiid and Simmons, he wants to compliment them better. However, he'd be a fool to not conisder this trade. The Sixers are going nowhere fast, and there aren't many moveable pieces on this roster given how Al Horford and Tobias well under performed based on their salaries.

Wiggins would give the Sixers an additional perimeter scorer, and the #2 overall pick would allow them to draft Lamelo Ball (assuming Edwards goes #1). A guard who can score would likely be a better fit with Ben Simmons than a dominant low post center. And the T'Wolves pick in 2021 would likely land them another high level prospect.

Embiid gives the Warriors the most dominant center in the NBA when healthy. And pairing him with the splash brothers would give him spacing he's never seen with Philadelphia. Truly a match made in heaven for both parties.

Trade with the Utah Jazz: Andrew Wiggins and the #2 overall pick in 2020, for Rudy Gobert

Given the turmoil this season between Gobert and Donovan Mitchell, the Jazz may be looking to move on from Gobert. That combined with the fact that Gobert will be 29 in October, will be an unrestricted free agent in 2021, and clearly Utah is not in a contending situation, are all reasons to move on from Gobert this offseason. The #2 pick would allow Utah to pair either Wiseman or Lamelo with Donovan Mitchell, who would both fit his development timeline better than Gobert.

For the Warriors, they would get a consistent DPOY candidate to protect the rim, and he happens to be one of the best screeners in the NBA. The latter trait would benefit the Splash brothers tremendously, and a defensive interior of Draymond and Gobert, would likely give Golden State one of the best defensive teams in the league.

Trade with the Indiana Pacers: Kevon Looney and the #2 overall pick in 2020, for Domantas Sabonis

After the firing of Nate McMillan, the Pacers could take their franchise in a multitude of different directions. With Mike D'Antoni being their preferred target to take over, he will certainly be looking to reshape the two big men roster they currently have. And since Myles Turner's contract won't work out for this deal, nor would he be worth giving up a #2 pick for, Sabonis would likely be the one moving in this deal. The Pacers would then have the chance to draft LaMelo Ball, who I'm sure D'Antoni would be interested in having as his lead guard.

Sabonis would give the Warriors the most skilled offensive big man they've had since this run started. An all-star this year would be a perfect fit offensively for the Warriors given how good he is in pick and rolls, and he would give them a much needed low post presence, who can also step out to the 3 point line on occasion.

Trade with the Cleveland Cavaliers: Andrew Wiggins and #2 overall pick in 2020, for Kevin Love

At last, Kevin Love finally ends up with the Golden State Warriors. Love was rumored to be offered to Golden State for Klay Thompson back when he was with Minnesota, a trade that obviously never happened, and truly worked out for both Love and Golden State as each went on to win championships. Now he teams up with the team he helped defeat in the epic 2016 NBA finals.

Now at age 32, he's not quite the player he once was, but he'd end up being a nice fit here with Golden State as a small ball stretch 5, who can also still score on the low block. However defensivly he's a liability, which is why he lands at the 5th option here if Golden State does pursue a two team trade. An argument can be made that drafting Wiseman may end up being better long term, but I believe he would be a more immediate impact for GS right now.

Other Possible Targets in 2 or 3 Team Trades

Pascal Siakam, Toronto Raptors

Ben Simmons, Philadelphia Sixers

Nikola Vucevic, Orlando Magic

Andre Drummond, Cleveland Cavaliers

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