NFL Week 11 Power Rankings

It's that time of the week again! Week 11 is wrapped up, and it's time to re-evaluate how each team ranks amongst the rest of the league. Remember, these power rankings are based on a combined weighted score factoring in point differential, home and away record, opponent win percentage, and the eye test. Let's see where each team landed this week.

1. Pittsburgh Steelers (10-0, 1st in AFC North)

-Last week's rank: 1st

-Week 11 result: Win @ Jaguars, 27-3

Another impressive showing from the Steelers albeit against a weak opponent. As long as the Steelers keep winning, they'll stay at #1.

2. Kansas City Chiefs (9-1, 1st in AFC West)

-Last week's rank: 2nd

-Week 11 result: Win @ Raiders, 35-31

Photo from USA Today

This one was a thriller on Sunday Night, as the Raiders once again gave the Chiefs all they could handle. However this time around, Pat Mahomes had just enough time on the clock to deliver one last touchdown pass to give his team the lead for good. The Chiefs just keep on rolling.

3. New Orleans Saints (8-2, 1st in NFC South)

-Last week's rank: 4th

-Week 11 result: Win vs Falcons, 24-9

No Drew Brees? No problem for the Saints. Payton shocked pretty much everyone when he announced on Friday that Taysom Hill would be the full time starting QB this week over Jameis Winston.

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Especially since they spent a nice chunk of change to bring Winston in, for this very purpose. Hill was pretty solid against a weak Falcons defense, but time will tell if he will be able to be this productive against tougher opponents while Brees is out.

4. Baltimore Ravens (6-4, 3rd in AFC North)

-Last week's rank: 3rd

-Week 11 result: Loss vs Titans

This team is certainly trending downward after losing two straight games. Once again Tennessee was able to expose Lamar Jackson's ineffectiveness as a passer, as they Ravens fall to the Titans in OT. Now they play the undefeated Steelers on a short week, and are now dealing with a COVID outbreak amongst the organization that has already cost them Mark Ingram and JK Dobbins for this week. If this game remains as scheduled, the Ravens could be in big trouble.

5. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (7-4, 2nd in NFC South)

-Last week's rank: 5th

-Week 11 result: Loss vs Rams, 27-24

A late interception by Tom Brady sealed the Bucs fate on Monday Night, as they fall to 7-4. A narrow loss against a Rams team trending up, isn't enough to warrant any change in Tampa Bay's rankings. But it does prove that the NFC is wide open, as a true front runner still has yet to be established.

6. Indianapolis Colts (7-3, T-1st in AFC South)

-Last week's rank: 9th

-Week 11 result: Win vs Packers, 34-31

An impressive win once again for the Colts at home against the Packers sees them move up in our rankings. Two straight impressive wins for the Colts prove they're a tough out, and could surprise teams in the playoffs. The question is, how much do you trust Phillip Rivers?

7. Los Angelos Rams (7-3, T-1st in NFC West)

-Last week's rank: 13th

-Week 11 result: Win @ Bucs, 27-24

After an up and down start, the Rams have won 3 of their last 4 games, and all 3 came against teams above .500. Jared Goff played really well Monday night, and the Rams defense is one of the best in the league. With the NFC being wide open, I think it's safe to say the Rams are a contender this year.

8. Tennessee Titans (7-3, T-1st in AFC South)

-Last week's rank: 14th

-Week 11 Result: Win @ Ravens, 30-24

Photo from

The Titans seem to have the Ravens number as they went into Baltimore once again and pulled out a crucial win in OT. Tannehill played very well against a tough Ravens defense, and the better he plays, the better chance the Titans have of winning. The AFC South race is heating up.

9. Las Vegas Raiders (6-4, 2nd in AFC West)

-Last week's rank: 8th

-Week 11 result: Loss vs Chiefs, 35-31

This loss actually made me more of a believer in the Raiders as they took arguably the best team in the league down to the last 2 minutes. The only thing they did wrong was leave a few too many seconds for Pat Mahomes to put together a game winning drive. Derek Carr has been fantastic when they've needed him to be this year. They've had the toughest schedule in the league so far this year, and could very well pull off some upsets in the playoffs.

Photo from Las Vegas Review Journal

10. Green Bay Packers (7-3, 1st in NFC North)

-Last week's rank: 6th

-Week 11 result: Loss @ Colts, 34-31

The Packers offense looked good against a tough Colts defense, however the Colts were the ones able to make the final drive to set up the game winning field goal in OT. The Packers defense is this team's achilles heel, and if they don't find a way to at least get enough stops, we will likely see this type of a loss end their playoff run.

11. Buffalo Bills (7-3, 1st in AFC East)

-Last week's rank: 11th

-Week 11 Result: Bye

12. Miami Dolphins (6-4, 2nd in AFC East)

-Last week's rank: 7th

-Week 11 result: Loss @ Denver, 20-13

Tua looked pretty bad in this one as he eventually was pulled in the 4th quarter and replaced by Ryan Fitzpatrick. There were rumors that he may have been banged up and could have contributed to his poor play, but Miami falls out of our top 10 after a bad loss on the road.

13. Seattle Seahawks (7-3, T-1st in NFC West)

-Last week's rank: 12th

-Week 11 result: Win vs Cardinals, 28-21

Photo from 12th man rising

This was a must win for the Seahawks as they had previously lost 2 in a row and 3 of their last 4. The defense surprisingly stepped up in this game and have been better over the last two weeks. If that trend continues, I'd have more confidence in this team going forward.

14. Arizona Cardinals (6-4, 3rd in NFC West)

-Last week's rank: 10th

-Week 11 result: Loss @ Seattle

The Cardinals lose to the Seahawks this time around as the offense was unconvincing to say the least, even in a favorable matchup. The Cardinals have struggled recently losing 2 of their last 3, but all by very small margins. This team could easily be higher if a few plays late in the Miami and Seattle games go in their favor.

15. Cleveland Browns (7-3, 2nd in AFC North)

-Last week's rank: 15th

-Week 11 result: Win vs Eagles, 22-17

16. Chicago Bears (5-5, 2nd in NFC North)

-Last week's rank: 18th

-Week 11 result: Bye

17. San Francisco 49ers (4-6, 4th in NFC West)

-Last week's rank: 17th

-Week 11 result: Bye

18. Minnesota Vikings (4-6, T-3rd in NFC North)

-Last week's rank: 16th

-Week 11 result: Loss vs Cowboys, 31-28

19. Carolina Panthers (4-7, 3rd in NFC South)

-Last week's rank: 23rd

-Week 11 result: Win vs Lions, 20-0

PJ Walker stepped up in the absence of Teddy Bridgewater and played well as the Panthers cruised to a win against a banged up Lions team.

Photo from Carolina Panthers

20. Los Angelos Chargers (3-7, 4th in AFC West)

-Last week's rank: 24th

-Week 11 result: Win vs Jets, 34-28

Justin Herbert and Keenan Allen were incredible in this one as the Chargers came away with a win against the worst team in the league. The future looks bright in LA with Herbert under center.

21. New England Patriots (4-6, 3rd in AFC East)

-Last week's rank: 20th

-Week 11 result: Loss @ Texans, 27-20

A tough loss on the road this week for New England sees their playoff hopes take a hit. This was a game they may look back at as one of the reasons they miss the playoffs this year.

22. Atlanta Falcons (3-7, 4th in NFC South)

-Last week's rank: 19th

-Week 11 result: Loss @ Saints, 24-9

23. Detroit Lions (4-6, T-3rd in NFC North)

-Last week's rank: 21st

-Week 11 result: Loss @ Panthers, 20-0

24. Denver Broncos (4-6, 3rd in AFC West)

-Last week's rank: 26th

-Week 11 result: Win vs Dolphins, 20-13

25. Houston Texans (3-7, 3rd in AFC South)

-Last week's rank: 27th

-Week 11 result: Win vs Patriots, 27-20

Watson was great in this one as the Texans seem to be improving after firing Bill O'Brien. They had a brutal schedule to start the season as well, so this team may be slightly better than its record shows.

Photo by Texans Wire

26. Philadelphia Eagles (3-6-1, 1st in NFC East)

-Last week's rank: 25th

-Week 11 result: Loss @ Browns, 22-17

Another awful performance from Carson Wentz results in another loss for the Eagles who seem to be against making any kind of changes. They sit atop the NFC East for now simply due to the incompetence of the rest of the division, but with Washington and Dallas getting wins this week, the NFC East will not be won by default if something doesn't change in Philly.

27. New York Giants (3-7, T-2nd in NFC East)

-Last week's rank: 22nd

-Week 11 result: Bye

28. Dallas Cowboys (3-7, T-2nd in NFC East)

-Last week's rank: 30th

-Week 11 result: Win @ Vikings, 31-28

Andy Dalton returned this week and boy did the Cowboys need him as the offense looked much better after the bye week. The offensive line was much better as Zeke finally returned to his normal form. This was a favorable matchup however, so we'll see if this trend continues next week against division rival, the Washington Football Team.

29. Washington Football Team (3-7, T-2nd in NFC East)

-Last week's rank: 29th

-Week 11 result: Win vs Bengals, 20-9

30. Cincinnati Bengals (2-7-1, 4th in AFC North)

-Last week's rank: 28th

-Week 11 result: Loss @ WFT, 20-9

A bad season got even worse this week with the loss of Joe Burrow, but they have to be excited about the future for this offense at least.

31. Jacksonville Jaguars (1-9, 4th in AFC South)

-Last week's rank: 31st

-Week 11 result: Loss vs Steelers, 27-3

32. New York Jets (0-10, 4th in AFC East)

-Last week's rank: 32nd

-Week 11 result: Loss @ Chargers 34-28

It was close but the Jets were successful in remaining in 1st place in the race for Trevor Lawrence after losing to the Chargers this week. Well done Adam Gase, well done.

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