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" Back in 2016, while LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers celebrated the first NBA

title in their franchise’s history, Michael Jordan made a phone call. That call was to give the

okay to finish producing a 10 part documentary about the 1998 Bulls season in which they

completed their second 3-peat. What a chess move, that call turned out to be.

" At this point the argument for LeBron as the greatest of all time, was at its strongest

point. He had brought a title to a team that never won a championship before, and he did so

while pulling off the first 3-1 comeback in finals history. Not to mention that the team he beat,

had just broken the record for most wins in a single season ever. In which they surpassed

Michael Jordan’s ‘96 Bulls. So yeah, the hype for LeBron as the GOAT was at an all time high.

" However, with a global pandemic bringing the world to a stop, ESPN moved up its

release date for the project, and gave bored sports fans one of the best documentaries we’ve ever seen. From the soundtrack, the story telling, and the emotions we saw from MJ as he re-lived his career again, made this must watch TV for 5 straight Sunday’s. !

" Fans got the opportunity to re-watch the greatest moments of MJ’s career from start to

finish. We heard his thoughts on the good, the bad and the ugly moments. Arguably the most

powerful moment was his monologue at the end of episode 7, where he answers to questions about his almost tyrannical leadership. In that moment we saw how it impacted him, and how he felt he needed to sacrifice being a “nice guy” in order to elevate his teammates to his level in order to win titles.

" We heard his teammates thoughts on his leadership, how his peers in the league not

only respected him, but most feared him. We saw his early struggles to win, and how some

labeled him as a guy who put up numbers but didn’t make his team better. We saw how Phil

Jackson got him to understand the impact of trusting his teammates. Which eventually led to

his teammates hitting some huge shots in clutch moments. We saw the impact of his fame and how it elevated the league to a new stratosphere. We saw it all.

" Ultimately this documentary served its purpose. Which was to re-establish to fans who

may have been doubting that Michael was the GOAT. Proof of that showed in the long list of

polls ESPN ran, where fans voted for MJ over LeBron in a number of different categories, and by a large margin. Even in categories like passing, and off the court impact which MJ really had no business in winning. So as you can see, MJ has regained his tight grip among a majority of NBA fans as the best to ever do it.

" Well played MJ. Well played.

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